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The first work of the Wireless Mobile Ultrasound Device began in 2015. In January 2018, KOSGEB R&D Innovation support is taken. Nibiru Technology was established in Samsun Teknopark in February 2018.

Nibiru Technology has been producing compact and ergonomic and competitive products providing contribution to economy of country at the quality of world Standart, by signing to new projects at the fields of R&D, innovation and design at the biomedical sector developing rapidly.

Nibiru Technology integrating the most advanced technology with is experienced and specialist personnel, has been targeting to produce easy useable, different models and designed products making the life easy in the fields of health.

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We are pleased to introduce the new generation mobile ultrasound device to the medical world with its ergonomic structure.

Mobile Ultrason device promises a great future in diagnosing diseases. The portable mobile ultrasonic device is ergonomic and makes no concession in image quality. Wirelessly, it has the ability to connect to IOS and Android devices.

The Niburu Ultrasonic scanner is ideal and safe for quick scans and short check-ups at the patient’s premises. A multi-purpose ultrasound scanner with Niburu (C) designed to capture the appearance of the abdomen and lungs. Nibiru (L) is designed to display procedural guidance and superficial structures. In a time when portable devices are important, diagnostic techniques should ensure technological harmony.

What should be considered when buying an ultrasonic machine?

There are three main factors that you should take into consideration when purchasing an ultrasound machine: functionality, ease of use and cost.

Niburu’s instant diagnostics facility is preferred for its portability, ease-to-use and price, coupled with advanced technology.

The need for ultrasound features to be used varies with the type of clinical applications.

General practitioners are performing well in abdominal scan with a 2-5MHz frequency multipurpose, large radius convex probe. This is also a good choice for OB-GYNs performing pregnancy ultrasound.

On the other hand, some physicians may need more specialized hardware.Advanced cardiac cardiologist with Doppler capability makes scanning and phased array probe to narrow intercostal space may require a device that can switch between. These is also fast heartbeat combined with high image reading speed allows viewing in an effective way.

Meanwhile, the small animals to scan at high frequency micro-convex probe at 7.5 MHz should be used. Because the best possible resolution can be achieved in this case.

When considering the wide range of options, in practice it is important to have knowledge of exactly what features you will need.

An ideal ultrasound device should be intuitive for new physicians.

For example, the device comes with presets for many common procedures. These will allow you to scan you need to do without wasting time with several separate calls. This will be very useful if you are new to use ultrasound.

If portability is easy to think, if you want to scan in the home environment, this is very important. On the other hand even if you make your clinic ultrasound imaging device, you will have the opportunity to move easily.

Power to fulfill the duties of the portable device is highly appreciated today. If you need an ultrasound in your clinical application, a mobile ultrasound that is easy to learn and use will give you an advantage.



Reason 1: Easy to Use

Nibiru Mobile Ultarasound, through we have developed algorithms allows image in a short time without requiring almost no optimization performed by the user. In other words, to learn basic ultrasound scan by veterinarians with skills and the use of a simple ultrasound scanner.

Reason 2: Image quality

Image quality is similar to high cost ultrasonic devices.

Reason 3: Getting Wireless Display

With the ability to wirelessly connect any IOS or Android device means anyone can use it anywhere without difficulty.

Reason 4: Small, easily portable

Nibiru Mobile Ultrasound, it can easily be carried for surgical, radiological or examination procedures. In veterinary medical application, providing ease of application to scan their pets or livestock. Thus, animals will not need to take the clinic.

Reason 5: Closed system

Nibiru mobile ultrasound is chargeable. It is much easier to keep clean because of its ease of use (waterproof protection class IP67) than other ultrasonic devices. Nibiru mobile ultrasound doesn’t affect from feather of animals. It is also ideal for veterinarians because there are no ventilation holes or fans.

Reason 6: Superior Imaging

Nibiru mobile ultrasound is designed to scan the majority of small sized animals, including the heart.  The scanner makes it possible to view the heart at high frame rates by selecting the cardiac option.

Reason 7: Low Product Price

Nibiru Mobile Ultrason is more economical than other ultrasonic devices. It offers both ease of use and low price guarantee. The goal is that every veterinarian can be used in the clinic.


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